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Pie Harbour Menu

Taste The Love. Every Time.

Is it the science? The mastery? The cookbooks and recipes?
Fact is, the fantastic flavours and appetizing aromas that drift from our kitchen and oven is a combination of all the above. But above all, it is the L-O-V-E.

Meticulously prepared to exacting standards by our masterful Pastry Chefs and their crews, the driving force behind every delicious bite you enjoy is the passion, pride and love that goes into the preparation.

Using only quality ingredients sourced to the highest standards, we believe that there is no compromise to quality when it comes to good tasty meals. For instance, we use only100% Halal Australian beef that’s imported free of additives, preservatives or flavour enhancers. Same goes for the lamb. Again, we procure only 100% Halal Australian lamb that’s also additive- and preservative-free. Freshness and quality are definitely right there at the top of our list of priorities.

We’re also “hens”-on when it comes to our chicken meat. Halal farm-fresh birds are selected for their wholesomeness and must meet all our stringent requirements so that when you bite into one of our Chicken & Mushroom or Chicken & Leek pies, you’ll go “OMG!!!”.

When it comes to eggs, only premium quality eggs are ever good enough because eggs are simply such an important ingredient in the production of our pastries. The eggs are washed and cleaned with a special detergent to remove bacteria, then coated with a thin layer of food grade oil so that they stay fresh and safe.

From the farm to the sea, our selection of fresh seafood is kept in a plant upon arrival in Malaysia. The seafood is kept in temperature controlled storage to maintain freshness. They are then cut, sliced, battered and breaded without added flavouring or colouring.

All our produce are carefully cleaned and prepared before cooking in our Central Kitchen. Hygiene levels are kept high with regular audits and inspections.

Once prepared, the produce and other ingredients are mixed, chopped, pureed, steamed, cooked, fried and baked. Spices, meats, vegetables and all the wholesome goodness are blended together to form gravy-dripping morsels of yumminess.

Our signature golden pie crust which is made from puff pastry blended and pressed in our own kitchen is filled with a choice of sweet filling or savoury meaty chunky goodness. It’s prepared to be served crispy on the outside and warm and oozing on the inside.

And here’s a little secret, our signature pastry is folded with a combination of butter and flour creating 1074 layers which is what makes the top so flaky and delicious. The sides and bottom, on the other hand, are made of dense pastry. This technique better holds in all the ingredients preventing the pie from easily breaking and spilling.

The breakthrough pie technology adopted here means we’re the only one in the market that presents a multi-textured sensation in every bite.

Besides our flaky crispy crusty pies, Pie Harbour also serves up other scrumptious wonders. Amongst those that really hit the spot are our sandwiches. Freshly made focaccia host a variety of cold cuts, grilled chicken, and egg or tuna mayo. Dressed with garden fresh salads and tomato slices, they’re sure to satisfy every sandwich gourmand.

For those craving a bit more bite, a selection of pastas, Western meals and Asian fusion cuisine are also available. From the spicy Green Curry Chicken Whole Leg with Rice to the Percik Chicken Pasta, from our Nasi Lemak with Aussie Mussel Sambal to the Aussie Fry Up, our raison d’etre is simply to excite every tastebud.

Those of you with a sweet tooth, REJOICE!!! Bite into our Lamingtons and you’ll surely want more. Whole cake, iced in chocolate and coconut, oh what a heavenly treat. Or partake in the sinfully indulgent Chocolate Mash Tart – hearty servings of arshmallows on a crunchy chocolate-infused tart base finished with chocolate dust. Yum.

When it comes to our beverage selection, you’ll never be left wanting. Coffee, juices, lassi and more… we’ll be able to quench your thirst. Every time. Truly refreshing, especially in our tropical weather, our beverages are delightful and form the perfect companion to all our meals.

All this, because we’re all about the L-O-V-E, y’all.