For The Love Of Pie

Who doesn’t love pie? Warm, crispy, flaky and irresistable pie. The soul food that serenades our senses. From chunky premium beef cuts stewed in spice infused gravy to the all time favourite wholesome chicken & mushroom pie, the ideal snack/meal is great any time of the day. A well balanced meal is packed in every pie. From proteins to carbs, it’s indeed the average joe’s go to meal. So maybe it’s all these wonderful characteristics that make it such a favourite food in so many countries. And that’s also why we’ve fallen in love with the awesome pie.

Because so many parents work today, the pie is a great choice for a great ex[ress meal. It is wholesome, filling and nutritious making the humble pie a really great alternative to our hawker fare, junk food or fast food choices. Easy to prepare and a breeze to serve, food lovers can expect a complete meal in every pie.

Add our DNA of being a true blue Penangite (which means we love food), and you’ll discover a spread unlike any other at Pie Harbour. We’re all about creating a fusion dining experience with a variety of local favourites, Western cuisines and desserts that will drive your tastebuds mad for more. At the cornerstone of our endeavour is the pie. Breaking tradition, we’ve made ours rectangular. But besides the shape, the same yumminess you’d expect from any pie you’ve eaten in UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand is captured between our golden crusts.

Driven by such passion, Pie Harbour is today an iconic cafe which has taken a foothold in several prominent locations in Penang and KL. As we strive to bring new flavours and tastes to you, our diners, we’ll also endeavour to make the Pie Harbour experience unforgettable and always magical.