What an exciting journey it’s been these past three plus years. Our success would be inaudible without the constant love and support given to us by our customers. And because you guys deserve nothing but our best, we’ll definitely strive to continue serving the best pies (and more) available in town!

Since venturing forth not too long ago, we’ve also increased our repertoire to include sandwiches, western meals, asian delights, tasty treats and desserts and of course our fan-favourite freshly brewed coffees. This extension of flavours and delectable dishes really represent our dedication to be the cafe of choice, where you, our diners, will get to explore and experience some of the most mouthwatering culinary delights fresh from our kitchen.

Nonetheless, most of you know us as the best joint in town for that flaky, crusty, puffy sensation that’s the signature of every Pie Harbour pie. Made with extra love (and the best puff pastry, of course) the pie you’ve come to love is perfect in so many ways.


Inspired by the world famous Aussie meat pies, we’ve successfully brought this hearty meal to Malaysian shores. Weighing in at 220 gms (which is equivalent to a bowl of rice), Pie Harbour pies are filling, practical and wholesome, making the pies you love more than just a snack food.

As ideal for breakfast as it is as a tea time treat, our pies also satisfy as a quick lunch filler or a hearty dinner. In fact, we dare say there’s never a wrong time for a Pie Harbour pie. Our humble, pocket-sized meals are always ready to satisfy your hunger pangs, whenever they may strikte.


Besides the delicious sumptuous fillings in our pies, we’ve also heard much acclaim and praise because of its unique shape. We’re the first pie company to make and bake our pies in our signature rectangular shape.

Why? So you can easily munch on your favourite savoury sensation while dining in or as a takeaway. This rectangular pie allows for a more convenient grip so you can chomp down on your favourite pastry even when your other hand is busy handling other chores. How’s that for thoughtfulness?


Food aside, we’ve also carefully crafted everyone of our outlets out of love. The ambiance is chic English cottage/country home as a homage to the origins of the modern pie.

Always warm and welcoming and ever ready to be the perfect host, our quaint cafes call out to all of you looking for a quick respite from the day or those seeking a quite corner to work on their latest blog post. Whatever the reason for visiting Pie Harbour, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or to strategize your next business venture, you know you’ll be in good company with amazing, mouth-watering eats and the coziest surroundings ever.

It’s truly the place where Every Bite is Delicious.
And Every Moment, Truly Unforgettable.

Our Food